What People Say
Fish Griwkowsky - The Edmonton Sun
"The Poverty Plainsmen...Canada's answer to Alabama"

Gerry Beckley (writer of "Sister Golden Hair" & member of "America")
"I am honoured first of all that you chose to cover the song but also very happy for the success that you've had. Your version does me & the song proud".

Raymond Phillips - Country Harvest (Australia)
 - May 2005
"Well, I’ve just listened to the very latest releases from two signed artists from south of the border. The Poverty Plainsmen which I am reviewing are every bit as good if not better. The presentation on this release spells quality. "Lap of "Luxury” in sound and vocals is as lush as the plains of Alberta. 5 STARS"

Dave Schmidt - Dave Schmidt's Top 10 Super Country Hits (USA)
April, 2005: From Canada - The Poverty Plainsmen - "Lap of Luxury"
"How good are these guys? REAL GOOD! Every time I get a CD from them they seem to get better and better. It provides a smooth country sound that only a group can make happen, well done vocals, good instruments, great songs that give the CD the final quality touch. Poverty Plainsmen have made there mark in Canada, with the right push they could be a hit in the States...Australia will love them as well. These guys don't need me to tell you how good they are, you can hear it on the CD, if they ever quit as a group they can still write quality songs like these they will continue to make a big impact on country music." 

Larry Delaney - Country Music News
In the August 2000 cover story:
"Five man Regina band flirted with the almost impossible by coming close to topping the charts with their hit single "Same Things", that gave true meaning to the term radio friendly. Had they scored a #1 hit ( the record reached was the number 4 spot on CMN's top 100 Cancountry hits) The Poverty Plainsmen would have been the first such success in modern day Canadian country music for an independent group".

Peter North - The Edmonton Journal
called The Poverty Plainsmen " one of the top 5 country groups in the nation" 

"The award winning band - arguably the hardest working unit in country music in this part of the world..."

"Record Labels Come And Go, but Indie Artists Are For Real
The Poverty Plainsmen... show how to make it - on their own terms...."

September 2001
"The Poverty Plainsmen were named Independent Group Of The Year at the President's Dinner on Sunday night, for a number of reasons. Brother's Mark and Sean Smith not only have a superior work ethic and talent but have long understood the importance of diversification when it comes to surviving in our scene..."

"If one is to look and listen for the true heartbeat of Canadian Country music, it is almost always been found thumping away in our independent scene."

Patrick Duff - Attention Design
email regarding the new CD "Lap of Luxury" April 2005 
"I just got sent your album cover.... I gotta say - that cover KICKS ASS! This record cover will likely kick my ass out of the running for Album Cover of the Year and I will fully endorse it to do so. It would be an honour to lose to this cover.

Kenny Hess - Fellow Artist
"The Poverty Plainsmen is a very good example of an act that has achieved a lot of success because they have control over their career and are smart businessmen."

Jolayne Motiuk - Publicist
"The Poverty Plainsmen is an act that never disappoints. Promoters and fans are always extremely satisfied after attending a Plainsmen show."

Tom Cross - Spin Records
After listening to the "There's No Lookin' Back" CD said: " That is the best sounding album out right now."

Harlan Smith - Royalty Records
"The Poverty Plainsmen is a group we love being associated with, they're out working all the time, they're the real deal....."

" One of this country's most dedicated and respected country music bands, The Poverty Plainsmen always bring great songs, great vocals and great performances to their many, many fans."